Los Chicos del 512

ITo attend a Los Chicos del 512 performance is the closest you can live a Selena concert. This mind-blowing experience simply put, is the best Selena tribute band out there! All of Los Chicos band members have lived and performed the remarkable music that Selena brought to us for at least 15 years. After living through her music Los Chicos wanted to have an opportunity to bring this incredible show to all her fans around the country.  For the past 9 years they have done just that with performances not only across the United States, but also in Mexico and Japan.


These talented and passionate musicians have come together to orchestrate an extraordinary show that will have you back in 1995 within seconds of their first song.  Los Chicos del 512 will bring you the finest Selena tribute that you can possibly imagine. Now, get ready to sing, dance and relive Selena!



// lead vocalist
Keila Marymar Martinez, born in San Luis, AZ, started developing her music skills in the early years with the distinguished and award winning Gadsden School District #32 Marching Band, playing trumpet, and in the Mariachi Gadsden, where she sang and played violin. Mr. David Castro, the Music Teacher through his passion in music was able to pave the way and provide an example to Ms. Martinez, which helped her realize her own love for music along with the other Mariachi Teachers, Mr. Leo "Papo" Neblina and Mr. Luis Villegas. Involvement in these musical programs gave Keila the opportunity to attend The Tucson International Mariachi Conference as well as The Guadalajara International Mariachi Conference. It is through these enriching opportunities that Keila was motivated to strive for success and continue excelling academically. As a first generation college graduate, and daughter of hard working parents in the Agricultural Industry, Ms. Martinez firmly believes that each student is born with the power to succeed, and teachers, counselors, and dedicated school staff can help students find the key to realizing their full potential.



Obed "Soby" Ismael Perez Alejo was born and raised in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora. Obed started playing the keyboard at the young age of 12 years old and hasn't stopped since. He has been playing and performing for 18 years in a variety of music styles across Mexico and the United States. While Obed is well versed in a variety of music styles, he displays an extraordinary talent in Salsa, Sonoran Cumbia, Colombian Cumbia, and Smooth Jazz. Obed obtained a four year degree in Harmony and Musical Arrangement from the respected Bellas Artes Institute in Mexicali, B.C. Mexico. 




Bass player, is from Yuma, AZ. His career and passion for music started in 1993.  He describes his instrument as the “Soul of Music”. Since then, he has played with numerous local bands across the county and in Mexico at local events and private parties. His collaborations in the music industry as a producer inspired him to become a recording studio audio engineer. Jesus has a Master's Degree in computer engineering.





He is from San Luis, Arizona. He is the band's percussionist and newest member. Jimmy has an extensive musical career performing both Latin and Jazz genres in Mexico and the US. He is a member of the ADOC Honor Guard Pipe and Drums Core. He is also the percussionist for a local band called Sunset Band. 




Mario Hernandez is a drummer and music producer born in San Jose, California. His passion for music started at a young age listening to his parent’s record player which led him to start his career performing as a teen at his local church choir. His passion for music led him to perform with various local bands in Mexico and Arizona. His bands along the years have been opening acts for several famous Spanish Rock bands/singers such as Aleks Sytek, Panteon Rococo, Enanitos Verdes to name a few. Mario’s passion for music led him to share his knowledge as a music teacher and co-director for the Gadsden Elementary School District Marching band in Arizona. He believes every one has music within their heart and loves teaching children connect through music to help them overcome any obstacle. He has helped lead the drum line for said marching band in the internationally recognized New Year Parade in London, UK (2013), Madrid, Spain (2016), and Rome, Italy 2019 and numerous performances across the country. He is the owner of Halo Records and 512 Productions.


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